Model name

Name of the uploaded 3D file. This text can be edited and has no effect on the final output.

Build number

Add a build number to your building package, be aware this is printed on all parts. So a short tag is advised. This number is also used in all file names of lists, drawings and 3D reference models.

Weld pattern

A custom weld pattern can be marked on your parts, this saves a lot of time during the build of your construction. The weld patterns is defined by a code that includes the minimal weld length, the maximal spacing and the rhythm of the welds.

For example 75,200,sh

Full weld level

The full weld level determines to which height all plates need to be full welded. Mostly all welds under the waterline need to be fully welded, not staggered.

Primary crossing full distance

The marked weld pattern can be influenced with a custom primary crossing full distance. This means that where primary construction members cross each other all welds within this area will be full. The standard primary crossing full distance is 150mm.

The primary members can be setup by choosing structure type: primary.

Profile annotation format

For the annotation of profiles on plates you can choose to mark the name, profile type and length or a combination of these options.

Grid annotation format

When you add a project you need to setup the X, Y, Z grid spacing. The Y (longitudinal) and Z (horizontal) grid is marked on the parts.

For the annotation of these lines you can choose:

  • FB SB-PS WL. This is a sequential numbering of the grid lines. For example: WL1, WL2, WL3 etc.

  • Or you can choose to annotate the grid lines in millimeters (WL500, WL1000, WL1500)

Plateinfo annotation format

The parts can be enriched with a combination of information (the POS number)

In this setting you can choose a combination of the following data to be marked on your parts:

  • Buildnumber

  • Assembly

  • Plate thickness

  • Department

  • Form

    In this example the buildnumber is: 203-02, the assembly is: deck, the form is planar (P), and the plate thickness is 8 millimeters

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