Onepush generates mold parts in 6mm MDF with a maximum part size that fits in to a 1220x2440mm plate. Large mold parts are divided in smaller pieces and connected by a puzzle connection.

2D mold

This mold type is used on single curved parts. The mould is positioned perpendicular to the bent radius.

3D mold

This mold type is used on three dimensional formed plates. The plate face border corresponds with the outside of the assembled mold. 3D moulds are easely assembled by sliding the parts in eachother. The parts are marked with sequenced part numbering.

Projection mold

This mold type is used on single curved parts on which a standard 2D mold is not applicable. Therefor a projection of the curved shape is made to check the form during the bending process.

Grid mold

A grid mold is positioned on the pre-setup (transverse) grid spacing, normally this is the frame spacing of the ship. It is commonly used for forming hull shell parts.

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