Keep filters after saving data

While customizing a 3D model the filters are a powerful tool to break down the geometry. We don't want you to select filters over and over again. Therefore we will no longer reset your filters after customization. Instead we will save your filters when you click on the apply button.

New materials

We added stainless steel to the material list. You can now choose between stainless steel 304 & 316.


Download quote

A PDF download of your quote is now available in the Quote & Produce page. It holds the same information as the online quotation. The download might be useful for subcontractors aor administrative purposes. You find the button in the top right corner of the quotation.

Right mouse click on object(s) functions

You can now easily focus on specific parts, as we added some really useful functionalities to the right mouse button in the 3D editor.

  • Isolate shows one part and makes all other parts transparent
  • Hide separate parts with Hide selected
  • To show all objects again click Show all objects
  • Zoom in on a object with Focus. We fine tuned this function for a smoother experience.

Sort and search function

Don't waste time looking for the right project. On the project page you can now search for projects based on project number, name and status. Simply start typing in the 'Search projects' field to find the project you are looking for.

In addition you can now sort your projects. Every column has a small arrow on top which will alphabetically sort your projects.

Project and model numbers

To avoid confusion every project will get a unique project number, for example p001. Within projects, every model will also get a unique number, for example m001. When working on several projects at the same time there will no longer be any confusion as to which project or model you are referring to.

Invite users to projects

Collaborating with others, like colleagues, partners and subcontractors, is really easy. You can now invite a user on a project level. This user will only have acces to this specific project.


  • After adding bevel right sidebar is now working again
  • Isolate/unisolate status is now updated in right mouse click menu
  • Search field finds projects that are available to users
  • Project number sequence added
  • Fields in the sidebar can be emptied
  • Disable Quote & produce button to avoid producing when still customizing
  • Projects page loading is 90% quicker
  • Exit editor-knop is fixed in Mozilla Firefox
  • Change user profile settings is fixed
  • Isolate/hide eyes in the left sidebar are easier to find
  • After accepting Invite, message "Invite not accepted" is fixed
  • Model preview is now always available

That's all folks ;-)

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