To work with Marking side mode, simply

  1. go to the Colorize function and choose Marking side

  2. click on a part to activate the right side bar

  3. click on the button Flip

  4. then click Apply and the flip is visible

Tip: To flip multiple objects, hold shift to select the parts you want to flip.

Tip: A nice way of working is to hide or filter certain parts to get a better view of other parts.

Reverse frame

The marking side can be set independent to the reverse frame.

Update 2.2

In the release prior to 2.2 the Marking sides of plates where sent in an separate model.

We have no made it possible to show the Marking side through texturing on the parts. This has three major advantages:

  • Models load with 20-30% faster because the marking side model doesn't have to load any more

  • All colorizing functions are working with the Marking side mode active

  • You can use all filters in Marking side mode

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