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2. How Onepush works
2.3 Customize
Customization shortcuts and tips
Customization shortcuts and tips

Model viewer navigation

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Left mouse + drag


Right mouse button + drag

Select one part

Left mouse button

Select multiple parts

Left mouse button click or box select + SHIFT

Hide selected

Hotkey: H

Hide others

Hotkey: O

Show all

Double left mouse button

Make transparent

Hotkey: T

Isolate selected, make others transparent

Hotkey: I or double click the left mouse on part

Focus on part

Hotkey: F

Measure distance

Hotkey: D

Measure angle

Hotkey: A

Clear measurements

Hotkey: C


The 3D parts can be colorized by a variety of options. This can be used in an efficient way to speed up the customization process. For example, when adding bevels, the user can choose to colorize by plate thickness to determine where bevels should be added.


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